A world famous Marilyn Monroe lookalike

Who is Memory Monroe, the world famous Marilyn Monroe lookalike and tribute Artist? Her real name is Claudia van Etten and she is a singer, actress and model. She loves vintage clothes and is into retro design. When she surprised a friend in 2006 with her Marilyn Monroe act, she never thought she would be singing "Happy Birthday" for Dolce and Gabbana in Milan just six months later. Her mission in life has always been to bring people joy. With growing success she switched her career from a creative care therapist into a professional Marilyn Monroe Impersonator. She can still fulfill her life's mission, since Marilyn makes people happy all over the world. Claudia's life is a wonderful mix of glamour and hard work. With her down-to-earth attitude, she always finds the right balance between the glitz and glamour of show business and just being "Claudia".

World famous Marilyn Monroe lookalike

Recent Marilyn Monroe events and "memories"

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Some Like it Hot

Marilyn Monroe is Hot. She was hot 60 years ago and her popularity has only increased during the course of the years. Countless biographies, musicals, TV-series, films, products, commercials and news items are made about her every day. Just Googling Marilyn Monroe will give you 87 million hits. She is the Icon of Hollywood and the World and the most appealing sex symbol of the 20th century. She was a multi-talented lady who lives on in the hearts and dreams of the people and all of this can be replicated for your important event.
Memory and her Marilyn Monroe experience will turn your birthday, anniversary, Christmas or New Year's reception into a timeless, but trendy event that people will remember for times to come!

Marilyn Monroe is trending

"Are you my MR or MRS President?"

Celebrating your birthday like a president..you deserve it!!


Recent events:

30- 09-2016 day and night time Booking for Bank Giro Loterij in " Marilyn Monroe in de Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam" performing for and taking pictures with 1000 guests

08-10-2016 Nascar Finals Belgium, Picturebooth and singing USA National Anthem

05-11-2016 Booking Paris France Groupe Auto Event Villepinte

08-11-2016-11-11-2016 Booking Digi Key At Electronica Fair Munich Germany


24-11-2016 Booking daytime Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam as host for Lookalike event collaboration with TopVintage

24-11-2016 Booking evening Holland Casino Rotterdam

01-12-2016 Booking evening Holland Casino Venlo

Upcoming events

09-12-2016 Booking evening Art Cube Ghent Corporate event

14-12-2016 Booking evening Le Garage Amsterdam Corporate Event

16-12-2016 Booking AT Bookings Utrecht NL

21-12-2016 - 23-12 2016 Film shoot in Istanbul

24-12-2016 Joucke's Barber shop Daytime event (Anniversary and seasonal celebration)

31-12-2016 Booking NYE Normandie France

21-01-2017 Lecture in the Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam NL "Marilyn Monroe and Personal Branding" https://www.nieuwekerk.nl/tentoonstellingen/marilyn-personal-branding/

27-01-2017 Booking Nieuwe Kerk Party Friends of the Nieuwe Kerk

24-02-2017 Option Istanbul 

19-08-2017 Booking American Wheels Leer Germany

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